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Reflections on Suffering


Suffering and it’s fruits

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:28

I have been a Christian for years, but there are days when I read this verse, and I just want to scream.  Scream out in pain. Anger. Frustration.  I believe this verse.  But I ask: “Why do things have to be like THIS!?” My own suffering.  The suffering of friends and family.  Total strangers.  At times, it’s like a vice closing around my heart and all I can do is weep and scream. read more

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What about people who never hear about Jesus?


“What about people who never hear about Jesus?”

This is one of the most common “objections” people have regarding Christianity.  It’s not really an objection to Christianity as a whole, it’s actually an objection to God’s judgement of mankind.

We Have All Sinned

No matter who the person is, where they live, what their knowledge is about Jesus, we have all sinned.  You, me, your neighbor, and the isolated tribe members in Africa and Asia who have never heard the gospel.  All of us, will stand guilty of crimes against God when we die 1  Sin, is why people stand guilty before God, not their knowledge of Jesus. read more

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Slavery in The Bible


Colonial American slavery (which is what usually comes to mind when we hear the word “slavery”) was a sinful, violent, cold, evil practice. Men and women from Africa were kidnapped. Then they were forced into labor with no compensation. They could only dream of being treated as good as the family dog.  They were beaten, raped and murdered.  Many a person who claimed Christ owned slaves during this time, and used verses in the Old Testament to justify it.  Let me be crystal clear on something: read more

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