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Mentionables First Episode Reflections

So, it has been a couple weeks now since we recorded our first “Mentionables” podcast.  It was a fun experience, and it has also been encouraging.


    1. It’s great to talk to people who share a passion for apologetics.  Sadly, apologetics is something that few in the church are passionate about, or spend much time thinking about.  I’m sure most of you reading this are aware of it, and share my frustration.  Many times I have been of part of a church, desperately wanting to have a class, program or speaker broach the subject, but it rarely goes beyond the hypothetical.  Apologetics is such tremendously valuable tool for the church, but it goes unutilized.  It’s like a writer refusing to use a computer, because they have traditionally used a typewriter for so long.  There is so much you can do when you are open to trying new things, and it could be of tremendous benefit.
    2. Speaking live, even when it’s just a podcast recording, can be a bit scary.  I know, I know.  A conference speaker who gets nervous speaking on a podcast? Yeah.  Here’s the reason why I get a little nervous.  I’m a joker.  I LOVE to joke around.  The problem is, before I was saved, my joking wasn’t exactly appropriate, and there were times where I put my foot in my mouth.  It happens for less now that I am saved, but there are times where the words come out of my mouth before my verbal filter engages.  Then bad things happen.  
    3. It would have been good to talk about the sign above Jesus on the Cross (“King of the Jews”) regarding His divinity.  After the show aired, we had an astute listener talk about the issue of the sign above Jesus on the cross as a sign of His divinity and coming kingdom.  I think that is an interesting point.  However, given the fact that Jesus was crucified, I think it is probably a foregone conclusion that it was meant as satire.  Clearly, it was true, and eventually the repentant thief recognized that, but there was no way that the Roman soldiers believed that when they first hoisted Him up on the cross (though it appears that some did believe it after the fact.  Matthew 27:54)
    4. I think Jim Wallace’s dream of a million $1 apologists is going to happen.  Since we did our first Mentionables podcast, there has been a BIG increase in interest from all of you arm-chair apologists out there.  We (and by we, I mean mostly Joel) have been in contact with a lot of people and have started to contemplate some bigger things that we could do in the future.  There is a groundswell; a grassroots growth of people out there, committed believers, who see the value and power of apologetics, and I think a resurgence is in the works.  I don’t say this as a “Thus says the Lord” prophecy or anything, but I think it is going to happen.  
    5. (Following point three) This growth in $1 apologists is going to happen during a decrease in the Christian population at large in the Unites States and other western nations. Over the next 25-30 years, I believe we are going to see a mass exodus of “Christians” from the church, especially among the more liberal denominations.  As this exodus happens however, our churches are going to be refined.  The overall number of churches is going to steeply decline, and churches will start to merge.  As this happens, we will start to see believers, who are more diverse (both socially and theologically) come together as faithful churches become harder to find.  While I am a very conservative charismatic, I do believe the gifts continue, and I think the prevalence of supernatural gifts and occurrences, will begin to increase as well, as a smaller “remnant” of regenerate believers unify.  At this point, I believe we either begin to see an increased revival, or increased persecution or both.


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