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Free Books: How I Get LOTS of Them

When I decided to be prepared to defend my faith, I started looking for free books.  I didn’t have a lot of money at the time, but I had a tremendous hunger to learn.  Along with listening to podcasts relentlessly, I started trying to get my hands on good books.  But good books are usually somewhat expensive.

Thankfully, the internet changed all of that.

The internet has made buying, writing and selling books completely different than it was even just 15 years ago.  The good news for the consumer, is that there are free books available all the time.  I have built a digital library of over 300 kindle books and I would guess that 75% of them I have gotten for free.  I want to share with you exactly how I have done that, thanks to three important sources.

Gospel EBooks (http://gospelebooks.net/)

This is an incredibly reliable source for a multitude of free and deeply discounted ebooks.  You can sign up for email book deal alerts delivered right to your email inbox whenever a deal is on.  Rarely does a week go buy when I am not able to get a great book for free from this website.  It’s so easy, you’d be crazy NOT to sign up.


For those of you twitter users out there, the twitter user @Kindle4Christ, which is run by the folks over at http://www.thepoachedegg.net/ is another great resources for deals on books.  Not only can they help you find deals on books, the website itself is wonderful; combining a number of apologetic resources for people to glean information from.

READ  Fear and Evangelism


This is more of a general ebook tool, but another great resource non the less.  You enter your email and then enter a title or author and then put down the price that you want to pay for the book.  When it hits that price, you get an email notification and you can go buy the book.

What are some other sources you use to get deals on ebooks?  Am I missing some?

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