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The Power of Podcasts

I started listening to podcasts back in 2009. I am an auditory learner so it gave me something to wrap my mind around while I was doing household chores, driving or whatever other boring activity I had to do at the time. Fast forward five years and I have just started seminary, and I feel very well prepared for my classes.

The great thing about learning through podcasts like this is that you will be exposed to all sorts of different topics and actually hearing how to engage in conversations with fellow believers on hot topics as well as skeptics. Below is a list of Christian podcasts that I listen to from time to time:

1) If I could only listen to one Christian podcast for the rest of my days, it would have to be Stand To Reason, hosted by Greg Koukl. His ability to engage kindly and effectively does a great job of modeling Christ like conduct in conversation. In addition, he has a great way of using examples and simple language to help make very complicated topics easy to understand.

2) Matt Slick Live is an other podcast that deals with diverse topics. He is very experienced in many areas (especially world-views like Catholicism, Mormonism, atheism and Jehovah’s witnesses)

3) The Dividing Line This podcast is hosted by Dr. James White. He focuses mainly on Islam, Calvinism and is a very experienced debater.

4) Line of Fire radio This podcast is hosted by Dr. Michael Brown. The topics of his show vary wildly, but friday is by far my favorite broadcast where he answers varying questions. Dr. Brown is a very outspoken proponent of the Charismatic Movement, traditional marriage and number of other topics. He and Greg Koukl I find to be very winsome in the way they approach people. I do differ with Dr. Brown on some issues, but his demeanor is absolutely one to be admired and emulated.

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5) Cross Examined This podcast is hosted by Frank Turek. He focuses on a lot of philosophical isseus and how they relate to Christianity. His book “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” is a MUST READ.

6) Reasonable faith This is the most intellectually challenging podcast in my collection. Dr. Criag is perhaps the most well know Christian apologist in the world. You may want to hold off on listening to this one until you are a mature believer. His topics can get pretty heady.

7) Apologetics 315 This is a series of interviews with a number of different apologists hosted by Brian Auten.

8) Please Convince Me This podcast is hosted by J. Warner Wallace. He is a former atheist and cold case homicide detective. His treatment of the gospels as historical documents is outstanding, and his book “Cold Case Christianity” is another must read.

9) Cross Encounters This podcast is hosted by evangelist Tony Miano. He is a very beloved brother. He has a very presuppositional approach to apologetics, which isn’t everyones cup of tea, but he is very bold and unwavering proclaimer of the gospel.

10) Wretched Radio (Subscription fee) Wretched Radio is hosted by Todd Friel. There is a $5 a month subscription fee for this podcast, but they also make tv episodes and the content is not only helpful, but usually pretty funny as well. Highly recommended if you have the money to spare.

11) Apologia Radio (Subscription fee) This is hosted by Jeff Durbin with a heavy emphasis on reformed theology and pressupositional apologetics.  This podcast has a very fun but loyal tone and is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Did I miss any? What other Christian podcasts do you listen to?

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