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Book Review: Forgotten God

When we read through the book of Acts, the power of the Spirit is undeniable.  Miraculous healings, conversions and other events leap off of the page.  Sadly, these events are very rare in western life today, and I think this is in large part to our neglect or compartmentalization of the Spirit.  This book reminded me just how amazing and necessary the Holy Spirit is in the lives of believers to accomplish what God wants.  America is a society of innovators and “do-it-yourselfers”.  Which, in the business and professional world is a wonderful thing.  But from a Christian perspective, we are called to depend on Him who cares for us.  There are dozens of fantastic passages in this book that are convicting, challenging and encouraging.  I can’t recommend it enough for people who really want all that God has for them.  Forgotten God is a short and fast read.  If you are a believer and want to be reminded about the power of the Holy Spirit, I would absolutely recommend it for you.

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