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Where is Jesus Now?


Jesus’ time of ministry on earth lasted a very short three years.  It might be strange to think about (at least it is for me) to think that the vast majority of history, The Son (“The Son” wouldn’t be called “Jesus” until the incarnation) has not been on earth, but rather in heaven.  So, where is Jesus now?  What is He doing?  What will it be like when He returns?

Where is Jesus Now?

After Jesus resurrected, He appeared to his disciples and over 500 other people.  The first chapter of Acts tells us that Jesus said goodbye to his followers and then rose into the sky and was lost from sight. The bible tells us a few things about Jesus’ whereabouts.  It tells us that He is “sitting at the right hand of the father” (Hebrews 1:3).  He is in heaven in the “sanctuary of the true tabernacle”.  In plain English, this means that he is in the holiest place there is; the sanctuary of heaven. read more

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Balancing “Length and Width” in Discipleship


When I speak about “length and width” in discipleship, I am speaking of how long are we going with someone, and how wide an audience are we disciplining?

We all have limitations.  We can only be stretched so far.  Think of it like a rubber band: You could stretch it really wide or you could stretch it so that it is really long.  Or you can shape it so that it stretches (though not as far) in both directions.  When we think about the length and width of our own discipleship we need to take an inventory: read more

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Reflections on Suffering


Suffering and it’s fruits

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:28

I have been a Christian for years, but there are days when I read this verse, and I just want to scream.  Scream out in pain. Anger. Frustration.  I believe this verse.  But I ask: “Why do things have to be like THIS!?” My own suffering.  The suffering of friends and family.  Total strangers.  At times, it’s like a vice closing around my heart and all I can do is weep and scream. read more

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What about people who never hear about Jesus?


“What about people who never hear about Jesus?”

This is one of the most common “objections” people have regarding Christianity.  It’s not really an objection to Christianity as a whole, it’s actually an objection to God’s judgement of mankind.

We Have All Sinned

No matter who the person is, where they live, what their knowledge is about Jesus, we have all sinned.  You, me, your neighbor, and the isolated tribe members in Africa and Asia who have never heard the gospel.  All of us, will stand guilty of crimes against God when we die 1  Sin, is why people stand guilty before God, not their knowledge of Jesus. read more

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Slavery in The Bible


Colonial American slavery (which is what usually comes to mind when we hear the word “slavery”) was a sinful, violent, cold, evil practice. Men and women from Africa were kidnapped. Then they were forced into labor with no compensation. They could only dream of being treated as good as the family dog.  They were beaten, raped and murdered.  Many a person who claimed Christ owned slaves during this time, and used verses in the Old Testament to justify it.  Let me be crystal clear on something: read more

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“One Less God”


Definition of “atheist”: one who believes that there is no deity Sometimes you will get atheists, who will say something like “We are both atheists.  I just believe in one less god than you”.  The problem with this is that the person either does not understand the definition of an atheist, or is twisting the definition to create an illusion in closeness of position.

An atheist believes that an entire category, or type, of thing(s) does not exist (in this case God/deity) .  A theist (someone who DOES believe in a god in one form or another) is someone who DOES believe that category of thing(s) does in fact exist.  This is a huge separation.  It would be like someone saying “We are both A-Universists (Someone who does not believe in the existence of the universe).  I just happen to believe in one less universe than you.”  It’s an entire category that one person accepts and one denies.  The attempt is to create an illusion of closeness in position, when the fact of the matter is that the theist and atheists are on completely opposite sides of this issue. read more

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Fear and Evangelism


I stood there, shaking like a leaf in hurricane force winds. In my hands I had a nervously clutched stack of million dollar bill gospel tracts. It was my first time on the streets sharing the gospel, and I was scared to death.

Someone walked my way. “No. I can’t give one to that person.” Another potentially lost soul walked my way; “She looks like she is in a hurry. I’ll leave her alone.”

What was happening? I came out with my brothers in Christ to share the gospel but I wasn’t participating. Something was stopping me. It has probably stopped you before too: fear.  I had become a victim of the coexistence of fear and evangelism. read more

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Free Books: How I Get LOTS of Them


When I decided to be prepared to defend my faith, I started looking for free books.  I didn’t have a lot of money at the time, but I had a tremendous hunger to learn.  Along with listening to podcasts relentlessly, I started trying to get my hands on good books.  But good books are usually somewhat expensive.

Thankfully, the internet changed all of that.

The internet has made buying, writing and selling books completely different than it was even just 15 years ago.  The good news for the consumer, is that there are free books available all the time.  I have built a digital library of over 300 kindle books and I would guess that 75% of them I have gotten for free.  I want to share with you exactly how I have done that, thanks to three important sources. read more

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The Power of Podcasts


I started listening to podcasts back in 2009. I am an auditory learner so it gave me something to wrap my mind around while I was doing household chores, driving or whatever other boring activity I had to do at the time. Fast forward five years and I have just started seminary, and I feel very well prepared for my classes.

The great thing about learning through podcasts like this is that you will be exposed to all sorts of different topics and actually hearing how to engage in conversations with fellow believers on hot topics as well as skeptics. Below is a list of Christian podcasts that I listen to from time to time: read more

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Why YOU Need To Be Prepared to Answer Skeptics


Why do I need to be prepared to answer skeptics?

It’s a question some Christians ask themselves, but not nearly often enough.  What’s the big deal?  Why should I personally be prepared to answer challenges to my faith? I mean, how often does it actually come up?

In 2009 two Jehovah’s Witnesses came to my door. They were kind, dedicated and well prepared. I stood there, dumbfounded. I knew that I knew Jesus. I knew I had the truth. I also knew that I had no thoughtful responses for their prepared statements about Jesus and the Bible (I’n my own defense, I had only been a believer for less than two years). I made a commitment that very day, to never be caught flat footed again when I had to answer a skeptic. I determined to know the reasons that we can have for our faith in our God and savior, Jesus Christ. read more

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